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29 May 2007 @ 11:01 pm

SIDS Information

Our children were more than mere statistics, and the most ironic andtragic part about our children being mere statistics to some, is thefact that statistically, they should be alive and thriving. More than99% of children born alive will not die of SIDS. The odds are highly infavour of a child surviving infancy. Sadly though, each year thousandsof babies die of SIDS, an unknown cause or umbrella if you will, underwhich any unknown cause of death is placed. SIDS means death, there areno symptoms, no signals a parent could have missed out on, the childdoes not cry out and does not suffer, those who have witnessed SIDS saythat their child simply stopped breathing. Until it is uncovered WHY1-2 children out of every 1000 live births stop breathing, researchwill have to continue to find the cause, not just factors which couldplay a role, but the actual cause of the deaths. As more and moretheories are tested and proven, more and more deaths are taken out fromunder that umbrella and given another name. For instance, years agowhen a baby died due to a strep B infection they contracted from theirmother during birth, it was thought to be SIDS. However, they now knowhow to detect that, so those deaths are no longer under the bigumbrella of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

On the pages contained here you will findinformation on SIDS. It is the product of extensive hours of reading,researching, and talking to doctors and other families who have lost ababy to SIDS. Any and all risk factors I have ever come across havebeen listed, including well known ones and also some that arecontroversial. I felt it was important to list all possible factors sothat parents could make an informed decision. I did not wish to censorthe information provided here. I believe that parents have a right toknow of any existing possible dangers to their children. While I maynot agree with all of the theories and risk factors, I havenevertheless shared what I have found in my reading. This is not myinformation, I am merely presenting the information I have collectedfrom a variety of sources. You may even find information thatcontradicts other information. That is one of the biggest problems withSIDS, nobody really knows for sure what is right. I am not an expert onSIDS, and I am not posting this material as medical advice. You shouldalways consult your physician when it comes to the health and welfareof you and your family.

When I started this site in November 1999, I chosenot to include information and statistics, because one could find thatin a variety of places on the Internet by typing "SIDS" into any of thepopular search engines. I wanted SIDS Families to be solely for theemotional support of those who had lost a baby. I have decided toinclude SIDS information as part of SIDS Families because it occurredto me that maybe not everyone would find the sites and information thatI have, and maybe it would comfort parents who have lost a child toknow that it's not their fault, and it may help educate those who havea baby or will. It is, however, disheartening to me to know that nomatter what is posted here, no matter how strictly a parent aheres tothe recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS - SIDS can and willstill strike. One can only do their best and hope that their child willbe not be one of the two children in every thousand children who arelost to SIDS. Any child has less than a 1% risk of SIDS, but thistranslates into thousands of babies worldwide each year. To be toldthat nothing you do can PREVENT it, it all seems quite hopeless, but inthe absence of a preventable CAUSE of SIDS, risk reduction is the onlymeans of fighting SIDS that a parent has at this point in time.

I have done my best to ensure that this informationis as accurate and complete as I could make it, but I make noguarantees to the accuracy or validity of the information presentedhere. Some of it is highly controversial. You may wonder why debated orinconclusive information is listed here. Some parents have been told:"We don't want to worry parents unnecessarily." I don't want to worryyou either, but I do believe you should have ALL available informationso you can make an informed choice for your family. Unfortunately, somefamilies had never even heard of SIDS before a coroner told them that'swhat claimed the life of their child. Many of us knew nothing of theserisk-reducers. We weren't aware of some of these simple things whichcould have protected our children, and we'll never know now if any ofthese simple steps might have saved our children. We thought we weresafe, we believed it could never happen to us. Sadly, so many of uswere wrong. My stand is that if there's any shred of possibilty, thenit deserves to be heard so a parent can make an informed decision.Personally I don't believe in everything I have included on thesepages, but my personal feelings had no place in creating a page aboutSIDS information. This information is to be taken as a guide orstarting point for you to do further research on your own. Some pointsare mentioned in more than one place on these pages, because they applyto more than one of the below categories. I do hope this information isuseful. As this is not my information, please if you have questionsabout a theory or statistic or factor, please do a search so you cantake your question to the source. Everything I've learned is postedhere, so if this information raises questions, I will be unable toanswer them since I've already shared all I know.

Follow the links below for SIDS Information.

Information provided here is for general purposesonly. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and advicetailored to your family's needs. I will add to these pages asinformation becomes available and as time permits. Please be aware thatif you are a SIDS parent or other family member you may find thisinformation distressing, it may make you question every little thing,or send you down the "guilt" path feeling like you could have donesomething to stop it. That was one of the main reasons I hesitated toput SIDS information on the site, because I don't want someone to playthe blame game or feel even worse, losing a baby is hard enough!Personally I put myself into quite a depression compiling all of thisinformation, because here I have all of this information, yet it'salmost as though it means nothing because there's still no concrete wayto STOP SIDS. I do however hope that you find this information usefulin some way.